Casheury artisanal cheese alternative


Over the past five years we have researched and developed a product that can compete with and replace traditional cheese. This has culminated in the formation of our plant-based cheese company.

We are a small dairy-free cheese factory from Sweden with big ideas and dreams.

Our vision is to make our cheese of the future the natural and obvious choice for everyone!

We aim to create the tastiest and most attractive plant-based products on the market, focusing on quality, sustainability and originality.

We hope you trying our cheeses will realise how tasteful and exciting a dairy-free product can be!

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Using traditional cheesemaking techniques and minimal ingredients we produce aged and mould-ripened cheeses.

With the finest organic, fairtrade ingredients our artisanal cheeses are handmade in micro-batches.

Most of our cheeses require 4 to 6 weeks of ageing to reach the right level of maturity.

We are inspired by classic styles of cheese and an authentic taste and texture is achieved by combining the highest quality organic cashew nuts with traditional techniques and plant-based cultures. 

All our cheeses are free from dairy, lactose, gluten or soy and without any thickeners, gums or artificial preservatives.

Ph. Ania Sergeva